Abu-Ghazaleh for Technology’ Presents Platinum Shield to SmartBuy

Abu-Ghazaleh for Technology’ Presents Platinum Shield to SmartBuy
AMMAN – Talal Abu-Ghazaleh for Technology (TAGTech), a member firm of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global), honored the Jordan-Saudi Electronics Trading Company (SmartBuy) with a Platinum Shield in recognition of its efforts in achieving the highest sales of TAGTech products in comparison with the other retailers in Jordan.
Known for its quality products, TAGTech offers through its partners in all countries its technological devices including tablets, laptops and smartphones manufactured with high-tech specifications at competitive prices. Accordingly, TAGTech managed to establish a growing and effective network of partners and retailers that display its technological devices at large scale.
On this occasion, SmartBuy Executive Director, Mr. Samir Al-Sururi, highly praised TAGTech’s efforts in the retailing trade, stating that SmartBuy is a key supporter of TAGTech and looks forward to achieving greater prosperity in the future.
TAGTech started manufacturing technological devices in China, reaching, so far, 20 devices of different laptops, tablets and smartphones in more than 50 locations all over the world.
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